Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Terror Danjah and Champion – Sons of Anarchy EP (Hyperdub)

The Sons of Anarchy EP on Kode9’s label Hyperdub sees Terror Danjah and Champion, who worked together before on Air Max 90 from Terror’s Dark Crawler LP, combine to produce an EP. The 12” contains two tracks where the pair collaborate, and one solo track from each producer. The first track on the EP, Terror’s “Glide” will be familiar to anyone who’s caught his sets recently. It’s an infectious track built around two 8 Bar synth patterns masterfully tied together by a booming bassline. “Bowser’s Castle” is Champion’s solo track, a typically danceable throwback to NES video game days equipped with a heavy garage bass.

The first collaborative track, “Stone Island”, is again built around two 8 Bar synth patterns, but is accompanied by the sort of dynamic, detailed percussion one would certainly expect from a collaboration between these two artists. Terror Danjah has been quite outspoken about the dancehall influences in his music and we see this most clearly in the second collaborative track, “Explode” where Terror’s intricate attention to sonic detail couples with Champion’s unparalleled ability to make playful music to create a dance smasher. The vocals only add to the character of this track, emphasising the message that dancehall and grime can really work together.

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