Monday, 23 September 2013

OH91 - Stealth (Coyote Records)

Part of the beauty of instrumental grime at the moment is the huge variety of styles that are being produced all over the world. From the hard-hitting, minimal work of producers like Rabit and Logos through the dark, rollers of producers such as Wen and Epoch to more emotive music like some of the tracks by JT and Murlo it's clear that throughout grime there is a healthy diversity.

Tomas Fraser's imprint, however, have a very clear mission statement. Coyote Records are only interested in bruising club weapons. The unifying theme across the first four releases also holds true with their latest offering by OH91. A member of Bristol collective Sureskank, OH91 has been causing a stir with his remixes and specials (perhaps most notably his percy remix). Stealth is one of his original productions however; backed with a Spooky remix, COY005 is an excellent reminder that grime can be at it's most inspired when it is functionalist, high energy, club music.

Stealth is built around a relentless bassline that drives the track forward. Blasts of percussion add rhythmic interest while a tough square wave synth hits in 8bar style in this minimal in structure, maximal in sound banger. On the remix Spooky takes the hint of 8bar in the original and runs with it, flipping the track into a punchy 8bar riddim that transforms into a halfstep stomper two and a half minutes in.

A devastating 12”. Not one to sleep on.

COY005 is out on vinyl and digital on October 21.