Monday, 3 June 2013

10 Producer Shout-Outs This Week

These guys are killing it at the moment.
1. Conducta. Galaxy EP recently released. Contains the track Guava which garnered a lot of support from various DJs. Cop Here.
2. WZ. Czech producer that's come a long way. His new track Wibey is a biggun. Cop Here.
3. Breen. Seriously talented producer, with an incredible bag of dubs. Produced the beat for the intro to Wiley's It's All Fun & Games Till... Vol. 3. It's a big look. Cop Here.
4. Bloom. Maze Temple EP out on Visionist's Lost Codes imprint. Every track is a personal. Cop Here.
5. Chemist. This guy has got his musical identity on lock with his dark, heavily percussive beats. This release contains the no holds barred fucking banger Pessimist. Cop Here.
6. Noaipre. Remixed a track for Ol & Yoin's Sink EP. This guy builds some of the most original beats I've ever heard. Cop Here.
7. Slackk. Quietly dropped Passengers EP. Personal Highlights include the brilliant Roman Empire and Sleep Talk. Cop Here.
8. Moony. This versatile producer has released a powerful garage remix of Amy Winehouse's Stronger. Cop Here.
9. Wookie. Storm. Legend. Enough said. Cop Here.
10. Ooko. Another producer building percussive beats. He has recently released his Night Moves EP. Cop Here.

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