Friday, 14 June 2013

Rabit – Double Dragon EP (Glacial Sound)

Irish label Glacial Sound's first release is brought by Houston based producer Rabit with his Double Dragon EP. The EP contains 3 tracks by Rabit and one remix each by Logos and Epoch. Rabit's a name that will be familiar to many of you, earlier this year he released “Satellite” in Keysound's “This is How We Roll” compilation.

The EP is kicked off by the title track “Double Dragon”. It carries all the Rabit trademarks, being skeletally minimal but still strongly melodic. It also packs a punch due to the rumbling sub, intermittent distorted bassline and surprisingly hard-hitting FX. Rabit's decision to write Double Dragon at 120 bpm (as opposed to the more traditional 140) gives the track yet more space without it ever seeming sluggish. "Black Dragons" is next, driven by a synth line that gets longer and more elaborate until the climax just after the stringed breakdown. "Wolf Spider" is perhaps the most brutal of the three Rabit cuts, with its overdriven 8-bit synth accompanied by a bottom end that switches fluidly between crushed bass and sub-bass.

The first of the remixes is from Epoch, with his aptly titled Soundboy Demolition Remix of Wolf Spider. The track is slowed to a head-nodding, half-stepping 130 bpm and flipped into a total monster driven by two powerful basses. The second remix (digital-only) sees Logos transform Double Dragon into a more emotive track with a delayed call and response melody split between the two lead synths.

A very strong EP that lives up to and surpasses expectations.

Out on 12” and digital on 17.06.2013

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